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Opening of St Nicolas Church for Private Prayer

In response to the Government’s relaxation of guidelines, from this week we will be opening the Church doors each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10am – 12noon for private prayer.
These times will be carefully stewarded to ensure minimum risk to both stewards and visitors, and only 10 people will be allowed in the Church at any one time (although a couple from the same household who sit together will be counted as one). If those ten places are taken, you will be asked to queue or come back later.
You will also be asked to use the hand sanitiser provided and to sit only in marked pews (which are two metres apart) and to touch as few surfaces as possible – cleaning of surfaces will take place throughout, and all cushions and kneelers have been removed from the seating area.
PPE will not be provided, so if you wish to use it, please bring your own. You will not be able to access prayer books or bibles, so if you wish to use these, please bring your own with you.
Entrance to the Church will be via the South (main) Door, and exit will be via the West Door. Please maintain a distance of at least two metres from anyone else who is in the church at the same time as yourself.
As these times are specifically for prayer, you are asked not to talk to each other or have conversations with the Stewards inside the Church. There will be a steward outside who will be happy to chat with you at a safe distance.
Needless to say, please do not come to the church if you are feeling unwell in any way. Please also note that Stewards will not be able to physically assist you on steps etc., and that we are not currently able to offer toilet facilities.

Michael Roberts, 13/06/2020