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Trinity symbolSunday 27th September is the 16th Sunday after Trinity shared with Dunsfold & Hascombe.
Sunday services at Cranleigh - f
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**Evening prayer special from Iona with the Rector and friend Peter Russell, 
click here, also another from Islay in the Hebrides click here **

Live streaming will start a few minutes before the 11.00am service of Holy Communion. To view, click on the churchyard image below on Sunday morning. The related Service detail and News, is available here.

On-line 'Church is the People' is worship at home by meeting with others via Zoom and with activities for children -  the service detail is here with a powerpoint here. If this is your first time, send an email to so we can welcome you.
You can also join in SEA Church for young families at 11.15am. The Zoom ID 148 785 166 is for both

8.00am Live in Church Said Holy Communion (BCP) - led by Revd. Rutton Vicarjee and Revd. Roy Woodhams
11.00am Live in Church, said Holy Communion (CW) - led by Revd. Roy Woodhams and Tim Clifford-Hill


Weekday services - Live in Church
Tuesday 29th September 12noon Said Holy Communion (1662) led by Revd. Peter Poole
Thursday 1st October 10.00am - a half hour of led 'Time for Prayer' with Tim Clifford-Hill

CATCH UP - previous Sunday  Holy Communion services and Zoom talks are on Youtube  - click here
The COVID 19 >>safety guidance and risk assessment for services here



Michael Roberts, 24/03/2020