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Supporting St Nicolas whilst Shopping Online

St Nicolas have been members of 2 schemes for a number of years. During this time, our congregation members, their families and friends have raised over £600 for the Church through these "cash back" schemes. By registering St Nicolas as their nominated charity, the 2 schemes donate a small percentage for each online shopping order that's placed at no additional cost.

Amazon Smile

Specifically targeting shopping through Amazon, 0.5% of all purchases made is donated to St Nicolas. The scheme covers shopping at and now through mobile apps.

To register St Nicolas as your Smile charity using the IOS or Android Amazon mobile apps:

- Check you're running the latest version of the app
- Select the menu icon in the top left
- Select Settings -> Amazon Smile
- Follow the directions to enable Amazon Smile and select your charity, searching for "St Nicolas Church, Cranleigh"

If you use the webpage, head over to and follow the instructions from there - remember, only purchases made from "" count, not the usual website.


This scheme covers online shopping at hundreds of online stores and across all types of companies, from clothing and pharmacuticals to utilities and home insurance.  We've even seen cash back from booking holidays.  If you're shopping online, there's a really good chance the Church could benefit at no additional cost to you.

Head over to to create an account. We suggest also installing the donation reminder tool from here, as an easy way of activating the cash back as you browse the web looking for those bargains!