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The Parochial Church Council (PCC) meetings monthly to discuss matters affecting the Church. The council is made up of members of the clergy, elected officers and members of the congregation who are elected as representatives. Elected PCC members usually serve a 3 year term. Members of the PCC are also the Trustees of the Church and are legally responsible to the Charity Commission for the activities and financial security of the Church.

Minutes of the Council meetings are below, as are minutes of the Annual Meeting at which elections are made and finances reported. Please note the minutes are published as quickly as possible and may not have been approved yet. Just click on the date below to view the minutes.
PCC Meetings:
Wednesday 12th January 2022
Wednesday 17th November 2021
Wednesday 13th October 2021
Wednesday 8th September 2021
Wednesday 23rd June 2021
Wednesday 12th May 2021
Wednesday 17th March 2021
Wednesday 10th February 2021
Wednesday 13th January 2021
Wednesday 11th November 2020

Annual Church Meeting:

Wednesday 28th April 2021 Annual Parochial Church Meeting

Annual Reports:
2020 Annual Accounts and Reports

Michael Roberts, 03/02/2022